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The Absolute Chapel

 Young Architects Competition 


The architectural purpose of the Chapel, is mainly to represent the ‘‘immaterial’’ with material aspect. When the ‘‘immaterial’’, has, in addition, the role of a common space, the architecture seeks for the ‘‘absolute’’. The word ‘‘absolute’’, derives from the Latin word ‘‘absolvo’’ (ab-solvo), which means dissolved/separated from. What we propose as the absolute, then, is connected with the concept of having or not any relation with the context, and the generated content. This project is highlighting a corpus of primitive intellectual forms. Separated from its context, the Chapel’s content is a common (non-topia) amphitheater. The threshold, or the instrument of separation, takes a ‘‘peripteral’’ form, and the program presents itself by three monolithic volumes. The corpus is completed by a typical wooden structure, which chains everything together. The absolute architecture, gives place to archetypical (ancient formed) utopias in a contemporary context.

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