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2018 Cell

COOK8, The New Dining Place | Domés International Review of Architecture | Shortlist

13041992_the destinations.jpg

Eventually those 8 people didn't make it to meet in the same place at the same time. Each one had to quickly fly out to one of the eight major industrialized countries in the world, following the prospect of an unmissable enrichment opportunity. But their meeting is still possible, remotely, thanks to the Internet. Every participant brings with him the number of square meters corresponding to himself (30/8 sq m). Despite the given opportunity of communication and socialization, their routine imposes a significant amount of working hours, so their activities, relationships, experiences are compressed into the same space and time. Their dinner is now part of a multi-compressed daily pattern. Each person works, socializes, communicates, and di(n)es in the same restricted cell, a place mirroring his own lack of time and life quality.

The cell is permeable in order to allow an effective relation with the external space. Four H-profile steel columns are placed at the corners of the cell, and three of its sides are covered with some smaller, perforated steel bars-pillars. The interaxes between the bars-pillars allow a multisensory interaction with what happens on the outside, while, at the entrance and on the rooftop, the glass surfaces provide a visual frame of the surrounding landscape, visible by all the seven people participating remotely to the dinner. The wooden box placed on the left as a ''preparation area'' is actually only meant to unpack ready-made food. The office table has to be used as a consumption surface as well, and the hygiene volumes, added on the same structure, offer a clear and immediate use.

13041992_sectional perspective view.jpg
13041992_ground floor plan the main form
13041992_ground floor plan the alternati
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