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Canopy of Knowledge

Archstorming Architecture Competition | Finalist



The project stands between the idea of knowledge and interaction as ontologies. As a manifesto proposes a protected space, an asylum, which theorises itself, separated from whatever happens outside of it. A space where knowledge, recreation, and culture could happen, under the same canopy.


Starting from a net division of the program, the proposal introduces a sequence of framed and protected gardens which are giving form to the complex. This hortus conclusus characterizes the project during the whole procedure. By separating the program, the project minimises its cost, its construction difficulty, having smaller volumes to construct, the need for equipment is minimum, and  introduces  the possibility to be built in phases. The program stands under the shadow of a canopy. According to the slope the canopy fragment itself, such as to follow the soil.

The canopy even if present itself fragmented, is still omogeneus.

The buildings are slightly separated from the canopy, for both architectural and functional reasons. This division renders the project percepted as a concrete corpus from a certain distance, but while you are inside the complex  you perceive two different elements, the canopy and the main body of the program. In addition, this “gap” provides, an extra insulation, a ventilated ceiling, which allows the augmentation of the comfort standards.

The ceilings, are the morphological result of a vaulted slab in exposure, made in reinforced claywork, and a plaster clay finish.

The connection between the fulfillment lattice work wall and the slabs, gives form to a curvilinear opening at the top of the wall, which provides more ligth and ventilation to the interior.

The facades are presented in a continuity, over the whole complex. A stilobate is running all the facades, as a memorial archetype, which characterizes the architecture of the proposal. In detail the single column continues the symbology of the archetype, by following the tripartition of base, shaft, capital.

Moreover, the building’s needs are following the best possible climate phenomena. The program is oriented according to the sun and the wind flow, therefore the water tanks are places in the plot following the levels of the soil.

Except of being consistent with the program, the final scope of the proposal is to reinterpretate a series of archetypes, which are profoundly connected with the idea of knowledge, and represented by means of architecture.

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