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Another Atrium

Architecture Competition | Patra Municipality


The main elements of the composition are the two “chimneys”. The concrete“chimneys” interact and signal the event, and are connected via two single concrete slabs forming a central patio.The slabs cover an intermediate space,an indirect semi-outdoor, red brick mesh which houses the entrance, office spaces and sanitary areas, in a circular bin of white boxes. The waiting area designated bya white curtain reacts and engages in a constant dialogue with natural light through the grid. The cinerarium and the maintenance chamber become a continuous piece of the grid.

The patio is the vestibule of the ceremonial hall and its descent is achieved by two monumental stairs.The pyramidal roof of the ceremonial hall allows the light to pass in half through the slit at its top. Upon leaving the ground the roof appears in the nemus as a monument, completing the

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